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Dig in (pun intended!) to all the best things about gardening; seeds, recipes, books and so much more! We'd love to hear your feedback so message us any time!

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Welcome to The Good Seed!

Our passion is helping you grow a vibrant, edible garden.

Let us help you grow fresh organic food at home. Whether it’s your first time in the garden or you simply need an extra pair of hands helping you grow and harvest – we’re here to help.  The Good Seed can plant and design your integrated kitchen garden, with a combination of perennial and annual vegetables  to create a vibrant edible garden that delights your palette. 

Why grow at home?

There is no such thing as a “black thumb”! Homegrown organic food is rich in bioavailable nutrients and free from harmful pesticides. Additionally, homegrown herbs and vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness – ensuring they are full of fresh and vibrant flavour. 

Growing food connects us with the Earth and with nature. It is a conscious practice that cultivates mindfulness and positively impacts the environment. Growing plants reconnects each of us with our human heritage – one of self-reliance and purpose. Plants have a transformative power, an energy that leads to increased health, to a connection with our planet and one with our neighbours and community. Cooking and preserving with homegrown produce elevates the garden experience and cultivates kitchen traditions that can be shared with loved ones. 

Join us, as we reconnect you with the simple pleasures of garden and table.