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Need a critical eye to look at your garden? We offer in person and remote garden coaching sessions. These can be purchased in hour-long instalments and can be used to diagnose a garden issue, consult on design or just to help encourage you to reconnect with your garden. 

The goal of the garden mentorship sessions is to make you feel confident and empowered in the garden.


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"The knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiastic support I received was fantastic. It started a few weeks before my call and sharing infor about my garden, light, soil and any previous issues that I had run into, so that the Zoom call would be tailored to my needs. Before the call I was wondering if I should even attempt a veggie garden again, but after the call I was excited toget going plus I had a solid plan to work from." Cara, Ontario

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+ organic edible gardens
+ pollinator gardens
+ cut flower gardens
+ permaculture food forests
+ raised bed designs
+ hugulkultur
+ lawn conversion
+ balcony design
+ vertical gardens
+ market gardening  

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Our garden services take a collaborative approach to your unique outdoor space. We work with you to achieve your vision with our ecological approach.