After booking a virtual garden consultation, you'll receive an intake questionnaire which you will fill in with information about your garden and your garden goals. During our hour-long session, you'll be provided with actionable practices and strategies that will move you toward your goals.


What happens during a virtual garden consult?

At this time, the Good Seed is only doing in person garden consultations with corporate, institutional and large scale clients. We believe that your garden can be well served in during a virtual consultation and this is also the most cost effective way for you to approach your garden goals. 


Do you do in person garden consultations?

At the Good Seed, we want to educate and inspire you to tend to your garden using regenerative and organic practices. Our goal is to have you connect with nature and return to the garden in a meaningful way. We want you to feel confident in the garden and move with ease and joy as your hands are in the soil.


What is the garden philosophy of the Good Seed?