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‘Tis the season for cucumbers and more specifically pickling cucumbers, so let’s make pickles! The best place to source your organic cukes is in your garden or at the farmer’s market. Who loves dill pickles? Me! Ingredients: 1L canning jars 6-8 pickling cucumbers per jar 1 head of garlic 1 bunch of fresh dill Pickling […]

Five great reasons Y O U (yes, you!) should grow your own tomatoes this year 🍅 1. There is nothing quite like a vine ripened tomato, still warm from the sun. Whether you’re growing a large beefsteak style tomato, prolific cherry tomatoes or a vibrantly hued heritage varietal, a fresh tomato harvested after an afternoon […]

Now that we’ve got you set up with books to inspire the youngest gardeners among us, why not take a peak at what’s on our bookshelves as we prepare for the coming growing season.  Books and magazines have always been a guilty pleasure, what with the ability to curl up in a cozy spot with […]

One of the greatest joys of Spring for our family is planning our vegetable garden. Everyone gets to have input and dreaming of the harvest to come helps our children to be invested in the garden work that is ahead.  Children are wonderfully creative and have bright, vibrant imaginations. They are often fearless when choosing […]