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Gifts for the Flower Enthusiast

“Let blessings fall like blossoms all around you.” – Rumi

As today is Thanksgiving for those living in the US, today’s gift guide focuses on gratitude for flowers. Whether they are native flowering plants, perennial plants or stunning cut flowers, having flowers in our green spaces help bring beneficial insects and pollinators to an edible garden and create habitats and food for insects and birds. Flowers also remind us to slow down and appreciate the ethereal and ephemeral beauty that our gardens can bring.

So what to gift the gardener who loves gorgeous blooms? Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. Books, books, books! Full of inspiration and practical advice here are a few essentials: Cut Flower Garden by Floret, The Wreath Recipe Book by Studio Choo (also see their Flower Recipe Book), Flower Color Guide – visually stunning and just released by Phaidon, Vegetables Love Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler and the practical The Pruner’s Bible by Steve Bradley.

  2. Seeds! Seems like a no brainer but there are some truly stunning seeds out there to be had. We like to purchase from local organic seed growers when possible and support women farmers so do check out the very talented offerings from Hanna Jacobs at Matchbox Garden Seed Co. and Colette Murphy at Urban Harvest.

  3. Local floral subscription services: keeping on trend with supporting local women farmers, keep an eye out for incredible flower farmers in your community. Here are a few that we can’t get enough of; Sarah Nixon from My Luscious Backyard, Shannon Whelan at Euclid Farms, Kitz and Daughters, Sas Long at Floralora Flowers and Melanie at Dahlia May Flower Farm.

  4. Give the gift of a flower garden – if you’re in Toronto, Claire Mcgee at Buds Cutting Gardens can whip your urban space into a gorgeous floral oasis.

  5. Consider making a donation to your favourite botanical gardens in a loved one’s name; here in Toronto, Friends of Allan Gardens do incredible work and can always use the financial support. Incidentally, the gardens are free to visit and well worth your time – especially on a cold and blustery winter’s day.

Give good gifts! ~ Melissa