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Quick & Simple Refrigerator Dill Pickles!

‘Tis the season for cucumbers and more specifically pickling cucumbers, so let’s make pickles! The best place to source your organic cukes is in your garden or at the farmer’s market.

Who loves dill pickles? Me!


  • 1L canning jars
  • 6-8 pickling cucumbers per jar
  • 1 head of garlic
  • 1 bunch of fresh dill
  • Pickling Salt 
  • White Vinegar


  • Prep your canning jars by washing them thoroughly; make sure that you have new lids if necessary. Wash cucumbers and dill. Amass all of your ingredients in once place as well as a tablespoon measuring spoon and a half cup measuring cup.
  • Slice cucumbers as thin as you can; this will help them ‘pickle’ faster. Add them to the mason jars as you slice. Ideally you want to fill them to the top, leaving 1″ of space.
  • Thinly slice 2 cloves of garlic per mason jar and add with 2 tablespoons of chopped dill per jar.
  • Carefully measure out 2 tablespoons of pickling salt per mason jar and add to the jars already filled with cucumbers, garlic and dill.
  • Now add your vinegar; you’ll need 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons per mason jar. Seal and close jars… and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. You want to dissolve the salt into the vinegar as best possible. It is now time to refrigerate your jars.


*Your pickles will be ready in 6-8 hours, but it REALLY helps if you can shake them every whenever you pop in and out of the fridge, so that the ingredients combine well.*

**Your fridge pickles are not fermented – as such they will be safe to consume for about 3 weeks, so make only what you can enjoy in that time and share/give away. GIVING AWAY homemade pickles will make you a rock star. Just so you know.**

***The volume of brine will increase as time goes on as the salt will draw moisture from the cucumbers – so don’t fret if a) it doesn’t look like enough brine at first or b) if you notice the pickles “shrink” down as time goes on.***

//This recipe is adapted from Deb Perelman over at – she’s incredible and I’m a huge fan.//